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Géraldine Vallat, passionate lawyer from Rodez to Paris

La Ruthénoise has been a criminal lawyer for several years in Paris. A job in which you don’t count your hours but “above all a passion”.

This day when we find her, on the sunny terrace of a Ruthenian brasserie, Géraldine Vallat is not totally on vacation. She returned to the country, as the Aveyronnais of Paris say, for a few days. But between two visits to family and childhood friends, the forty-year-old does not forget her “business”.

And a short detour to the courthouse. Without her lawyer’s robe, but only to show up at the prosecutor’s office and express her impatience. For several months, the Ruthenoise by birth has been working on two files: that of alleged abuse at the Ehpad de La Rossignole and that of former employees of the company claiming to have been cheated by the boss… And for the lawyer, this is not progressing not fast enough. Geraldine is like that. She lives at 200 an hour.

No choice, she says, her gaze never very far from her cell phone, which is rarely silent between calls from customers or emails from employees… “That’s the life of a lawyer, smiles the mother of three children. But it is above all a passion!

Paris Bar

A passion born during an internship in the court of Rodez. Géraldine was then a law student in Montpellier. One Wednesday, she attends a correctional hearing. “I had the click”, she remembers. She will become a lawyer. Speciality: criminal lawyer. “This is where the lawyer comes into its own”.

Direction Lille for the Masters II then the bar competition in Paris. The capital has 35,000 black dresses, including many tenors. Difficult to find a place there but the Aveyronnaise is trying her luck. She opens her practice, the difficulties do not make her tremble. The first cases arrive. Narcotics, theft, cases of human misery too… The young mother does not refuse anyone.

“Nobody wins, in court, except the lawyers“, said Charles Dickens. Géraldine Vallat is gaining notoriety. She builds a network and decides to join forces within a structure. This will be the Vadis firm, rue Saint-Lazare. In the courtrooms from the Ile-de-France region, the Ruthénoise continues the pleadings, always with the same pleasure.

“I have worked with great lawyers and great magistrates, it’s always extraordinary. And that’s the advantage of being in a bar like that of Paris even if it’s only ”speed”. I always feel like I’m in a washing machine, without being able to get out. That carries me too. It’s the whole Parisian paradox.”

Renowned colleagues, Géraldine Vallat has met many for several weeks. She is a civil party in the extraordinary trial of the November 13 attacks. Recently, she has also been named in the Jubillar affair, in support of Cédric’s mother. At the same time, she launched with several lawyers a collective called “Action Ehpad”, “in view of all the scandals that are happening there and revealed in recent months”. A life at 200 an hour, we told you.

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