Gers: the Food Conference or the virtuous approach of local “eating well”

the essential
For sustainable and local food, the Food Conferences will be held on June 28, 29 and 30. On the program: meetings to strengthen the link between production and consumption.

Strengthen the link between producing well and eating well: this is the main objective of the Territorial Food Project (PAT), “It’s done in the Gers”. A leitmotif that is at the heart of the next Assises de l’alimentation, an event at the initiative of the department which will take place on June 28, 29 and 30. For three days, players from the agri-food world and the people of Gers will meet to think about the food of tomorrow.

“As an institution, we can ask to consume local but if we do not make our actions consistent with the political discourse we carry, it is useless”, explains the vice-president of the Departmental Council, Jérôme Samalens.

Around this “virtuous approach” of local and organic consumption, collective work had first resulted in collective catering in colleges during the previous mandate. “From now on, 25% of the products which enter the colleges come from the local”, affirms the vice-president of the departmental council, in charge of the food project of departmental territory, Cathy Daste-Leplus. By putting the youngest in the front line of this process, elected officials want to make them true ambassadors. But education about healthy eating also goes further.

“From fork to plate”

For the event, the department proposes a reflection around a reflection: what agriculture, what food for tomorrow? “The idea is to create an osmosis that will allow us to work as close as possible to the local and at the global level”, supports Cathy Daste-Leplus.

More specifically, the first day, June 28, will be devoted to professionals and will allow farmers and chefs to meet. A conference will also take place at the Cuzin center, from 8:30 p.m., in the presence of the research director at INRAE, Michel Duru.
The day of the 29th, oriented towards the general public, will meet the Gersois at the Gers Departmental Council. Thus, professionals from the sector will try to make the Gersois discover local agricultural products and ideas for cooking/recipes.

From 4 p.m., an organic market will be held in the garden of the County Council with more than forty producers. At 8 p.m., a solidarity meal will also be organized at the single price of 8 euros. All proceeds will be donated to the Food Bank.

A “Top Chef” of collective catering

From 6 p.m., a prize giving ceremony will take place to reward 9 pairs of middle school students, accompanied by a member of their college’s catering team as part of the “Gastro’mômes” competition. These apprentice chefs will have, during the day, the task of making a starter and a dessert based on local and organic products. The jury will be chaired by the Gers pastry chef and best worker in France, Philippe Urraca.

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