Gers: the SPA faced with a wave of massive abandonment of puppies during the summer period

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This summer, a new wave of abandoned dogs is sweeping through the Gers. In Ordan-Larroque, around fifteen puppies have been brought back to the SPA since June. A situation that the association deplores, especially in the face of the lack of places at the refuge.

Impossible not to hear, from the parking lot, the dozen barking canines. At the Ordan-Larroque SPA near Auch, the phone keeps ringing. Information, a desire to adopt but very often, for several weeks, the desire to abandon an animal. At the end of June, the world day against the abandonment of pets made it possible to draw up a very sad observation. Several tens of thousands of animals currently fill the SPA shelters throughout France.

And in mid-July, the trend is not weakening, especially in the Gers where more than fifteen puppies have been dropped off at the Ordan-Larroque SPA since the beginning of the summer. “We had a lot of puppies of the “Malinois” breed, which are very hard to replace, we risk running out of space at the shelter”, underlines the director of the Association for the protection of animals in the small village, Margaux Ochoa.
Indeed, this type of canine requires special attention given their hyperactive nature. Last year, the SPA mainly took in dogs of the “Staff” breed. Fashion effects accentuated by the health crisis and the various confinements.

“It’s the neighbor’s dog”

As a general rule, guilt does not really seem to be there for most people who come to drop off animals at the SPA. “We can’t really explain what leads to abandonment, it’s often ‘the neighbour’s dog we don’t know who jumped the fence, who escaped'”, explains Margaux Ochoa. However, the law provides that the abandonment of a domestic animal, or tamed, or held in captivity, is punishable by 3 years in prison and a fine of €45,000. But in reality, these sanctions are rarely applied.

Twenty puppies have been abandoned in the Gers since the start of the summer.

And some don’t go out of their way on the phone to initiate a process of abandonment, going as far as a threat. “A lady threatened to drown the cats if we didn’t come and pick them up. A man also told us, ‘Either I’ll bring them to you, or I’ll throw them against a wall,'” she says.

Misunderstanding of the phenomenon

The reasons that lead to abandoning a pet are multiple: lack of means, illness, lack of time to take care of it. The association still regrets the lack of responsibility during the adoption of a dog on the part of families.

“It’s not furniture, you have to educate it, nurture it, take care of it and take it out” – Margaux Ochoa

In short, the approach requires careful consideration but above all suitable conditions for the reception of an animal. Fortunately, the SPA can count on a team of committed volunteers and foster families determined to give a second life to these animals that are too often neglected in the summer.

Philippe, a former soldier, came to adopt after having discussed it with the director of the SPA of Ordan-Larroque. He set his sights on a German shepherd, no longer very young. “I had two dogs who unfortunately died, we made the decision to adopt again. We have a large land, they will have enough to flourish, explains Philippe. And above all, I know these animals well this was not a decision I took lightly.”

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