Going on vacation without your pet? Here are the solutions to keep it

Like every year, the holiday period rhymes with abandonment of pets. On average, 25,000 are abandoned each year in Wallonia and 65,000 throughout Belgium.

For pet owners, departures on vacation are always a special organization. If some do not ask themselves the question and leave with their furry companion, others call on family or friends.

The petsitting system is also spreading more and more. Based on the same principle as babysitting, a person does not keep a baby, but an animal.

Another solution that exists to keep animals without having to abandon them: pensions.

We feed them and take them out twice a day, we spend time with them when they ask for it. If care is needed, we provide it.”explains John-Eric Boucau, the manager of a boarding house for dogs and cats.

As for children when they go to summer camp, adaptation can take a little time for our furry friends. “Dogs, in general, it’s 24 to 48 hours of adaptation and we count up to 72 hours for the most stressed cats”details Jesly Dumortier, also manager of a pension.

For the budget, it varies slightly depending on the weight of your animal (and therefore the amount of food it eats): count between 16 and 20 euros per day for a dog and up to 15 euros / day for a cat .


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