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good or bad idea? Here is the answer

If you have a cat as a pet, you may have considered putting a collar on him at some point.

It’s one of the best-selling items in pet stores, so it doesn’t seem like a bad option. But is it really necessary? Ask yourself why you want to put the collar on your cat.

What is the collar for?

If it’s just for aesthetic reasons, don’t do it. Remember that the cat can be injured by friction, especially if the collar is made of poor quality materials.

It is also possible that it causes discomfort. Therefore, if the collar does not have a specific function, forget about it.

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However, the collar can also be used as an identifier if the cat goes out and gets lost. It may be provided with an identification label on which figure your phone number so someone can call you if they find the animal.

One of the main reasons you can put a collar on your cat has to do with its pest control use.

It is highly recommended by veterinarians to prevent infestations caused by ticks, fleas, mites and other insects.


With this in mind, you should only put the collar on your cat if it has an identification or pest control function. It is essential that the collar does not have any bells.

Remember that hearing is one of the senses most developed in cats.

Have an accessory around your cat’s neck which makes noise as soon as it moves a little can be very harmful for the animal, and can even lead to hearing loss in the long term.

If the bell makes a lot of noise, the risk of your cat becoming deaf is very high.

Also, the sound can affect the cat’s mood and behavior. Another disadvantage of the bell collar is that it prevents the cat from doing many things essential to its development, such as hunting or scratching.

How to choose the best?

If you plan to put a collar on your cat, choose the one that offers the maximum guarantees of quality. The best materials are nylon and velvet.

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Avoid hard materials like leather.

The collar must be elasticin order to adapt to the neck of the animal without exerting pressure on it.

It is strongly recommended that it has a double safety clasp so that in the event of the necklace getting stuck, it is enough to stretch it a little so that it opens automatically.

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