Gorgeous-nosed kitten recovers after being found in backyard

This kitten is very special: Ashley Kelley, who volunteers for the organization animal rescue company Wrenn Rescues, received a request for help last month from a woman who had found an adorable kitten with a cute nose who had become homeless.

The woman who found the kitten, now named Aela, waited for her mother to show up, as she hadn’t opened her eyes yet, but it never happened.

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Ashley went to her research immediately after learning of the situation and the first thing she did when she got her home was to prepare a bottle and make sure everything was okay.

A cute nosed kitten found in a backyard

Ashley noticed that Aela’s nose and palate were cracked. She therefore could not feed her with a bottle, but had to feed her using a tube, which she fortunately had at hand. After being fed, the female kitten was finally able to take a nap in a warm and very comfortable bed.

Kelley told Love Meow:

“She is very loud and loud. She is happy immediately after eating, almost as if she understands that I am helping her. »

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When the kitten came into Kelley’s care, her eyes were still closed, and it wasn’t until she was 12 days old that she was able to open them.

The only thing that sets Aela apart from other kittens is her adorable nose, which gives it an eccentric, yet captivating appearance. Aela is very affectionate, she recognizes Kelley’s scent and cuddles in his hands, she also likes to be combed with a toothbrush.

Kelley then clarifies:

“Every time we make a little noise, she does the same. I have never met a happier, more angelic newborn in my life. »

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Since she was three weeks old, Aela has started to turn into a big, beautiful kitten. She had to recover from a nagging infection, but now she’s stronger than ever. The vet finally determined that she no longer needed tube feeding and she is in very good health.

The adorable-nosed kitten has a big appetite and wiggles its ears with every times he eats.

Aela has started using the litter box and her first teeth are starting to appear. There is no doubt that the love of his caregiver changed the course of his life forever.

© IG: bruceandfoxfosters

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