Goya, Bigard, Wespiser… Personalities call for a State Secretariat for Animal Condition

A dozen artists are asking for the establishment of an “effective and modern animal policy”, while ensuring that they want to “remain reasonable and propose doable things”.

Artists are mobilizing for the animal cause. 18 personalities, including the star singer of the 1960s Chantal Goya, the popular comedian Jean-Marie Bigard or even the television host Vincent Lagaf’ question Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne on the animal condition and ask her to create a secretariat of Dedicated state, in an open letter published this Saturday in The Parisian.

“It seems necessary to put in place an effective and modern animal policy. This is why the signatories listed at the bottom of this letter urge you to think about the creation of a State Secretariat for Animal Condition” , enjoin the signatories.

“It would be proof of a great step forward, for France, country of human rights, to also become the country of animal rights”, they add.

Among the signatories of this open letter, there is in particular the comedian Laurent Baffie, also a candidate in the 3rd district of Paris under the label of the Animalist Party, the singer Francis Lalanne, candidate in the 3rd district of Charente for the movement ” France Libre”, says “animalist, humanist, ecologist, sovereignist”, or even the former Miss France 2012 Delphine Wespiser.

“Push the government to position itself”

“This Secretary of State would be a strong message at the political level, even if it will not change things with a wave of a magic wand”, recognizes with the daily the lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Reims Emmanuel Ludot , at the origin of this initiative.

While the lawyer welcomes a positive change in mentalities on the animal issue in recent years and the implementation of various actions, he deplores a lack of “cohesion” on the part of the executive, in particular because of the weight of agrifood lobbies, according to him.

Me Emmanuel Ludot assumes a desire to “create controversy” to “push the government to position itself”. But ensures at the same time to remain realistic and open to dialogue. “We need slaughterhouses because people still eat meat, but the end of the animals must be dignified”, he believes in particular.

“We must remain reasonable and propose doable things”, abounds one of the signatories, former television presenter, Sophie Darel, herself the owner of three dogs and two cats.

A law against animal abuse was adopted in November 2021. It provides in particular for the gradual banning of wild animals in circuses and dolphinariums, the sale of puppies and kittens in prohibited pet stores and tougher penalties for abuse or abandonment. “Insufficient”, according to the signatories of the open letter.

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