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Gradignan prison: lawyers take the state to court

We demand that the prison administration be ordered to implement urgent measures to receive prisoners with dignity ” Explained the president of Bordeaux, Christine Maze. In mid-July, the Comptroller General of Places of Detention (CGLPL), Dominique Simonnot, had condemned the conditions of detention “ inhuman in Gradignan, especially at the men’s detention center. “It should be forbidden to house people there. “, she had written in a damning report describing walls” leper »dilapidated beds, a lot of dirt and a living space reduced to three square meters.

There are a lot of cockroaches here, it is also cold”testified on Monday Frédéric, an inmate, during a visit by the rapporteur of the budget of the prison administration, the deputy of the renaissance of the 6.e constituency Gironde, Éric Poulliat. Using torn tape, the prisoner folded the mattress he uses to sleep on the floor.” feet under a table in the cell he shares with two other detainees. Access to the toilets was separated by a makeshift curtain.

794 arrestees for 305 places

We did some bad things outside, but we must not be treated like animals “, he added in front of the picture of a paradise beach fixed on a dilapidated wall. Others lamented lack of hot water for washing “. “ We are beyond acceptable “, judged Mr. Poulliat and elicited “ the problem of short sentences which is added to the long ones.

At the beginning of October, the Gradignan prison had 794 prisoners, including several Charentais, for 305 places, i.e. 217% overcrowding in the men’s department “, according to its director Dominique Bruneau, describing an establishment” undersized in the face of the influx of prisoners. “ You can’t put a sign on the door saying ‘it’s full’. I don’t run a hotel, so we fill up “, he laments. At the end of May, the establishment was the most populated in France, with an occupancy rate of 240% and 150 mattresses on the floor.

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