Grenoble. A volunteer saves burnt, kidnapped or raped dogs: “I sleep 2 hours a night”

The association near Grenoble was able to help this dog. Narkos was found tied up in the forest on New Year’s Eve 2021, found by a hunter after 3 days tied up in the cold. (©DR)

Save the life of man’s best friend. The association based in Sassenage, north of Grenoble, has existed since 2005. Over 15 years of struggle during which the volunteers of “Mi Chien Mi Loup” have taken in thousands of dogs in very difficult situations.

The four regular volunteers do not work with a shelter. They take care of abandoned dogs, mistreated to “save their lives”, by organizing appointments with educators and placing them in foster families before adoption. Fanny Martin has been a volunteer for the association for two years.

Engaged in animal protection, the young woman makes the link between the rescued dogs, the host families and the educators. “We have to manage between 15 and 20 dogs simultaneously,” explains Fanny. While visiting SPAs, his heart “split” when he saw these dogs behind bars.

“Victim of violence, zoophilia or acid burn”

The daily life of Fanny and the other volunteers is not all rosy. The dogs that arrive at the premises of the association have, for some, experienced tragedies. This is the case of Nola. This female dog was taken from her owner in the North. The first two years of her life, she was locked in a cage, never able to get out.

Nola was in a deplorable state when she was picked up by the association.
Nola was in a deplorable state when she was picked up by the association. (©DR)

In the space of three months, the volunteers accompanied the dog in her metamorphosis. Only, a few weeks later, little Nola had regained weight and the joy of living.

The metamorphosis of the dog is hallucinating.
The metamorphosis of the dog is hallucinating. She lives in peace in Annecy. (©DR)

She now lives with a family near Annecy and can enjoy the idyllic setting of the city in Haute-Savoie.

Without money, the association will have to give up

“I only sleep two hours a night,” says the volunteer. The care of dogs can cost several thousand euros. Fanny works six days a week, this dog lover devotes all of her free time to the association.

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People come to us by blackmailing us. If we don’t get their dog back, they explain that they will hang them or drown them.

FannyVolunteer in an association that saves dogs

“We are overwhelmed with requests” testify the young woman from Metz. Today, “Mi-chien Mi-loup” does not benefit from any subsidies and is “crushed in debt”. Without any help, the association is close to shutting down, leaving many animals in distress.

Even if the families bear the cost of kibbles, that the veterinarians and the educators make gestures towards the association, the future of the rescued dogs is hardly illusory.

“The association can no longer hold on like that” confesses Fanny with emotion.

How to help the association:

  • Donation by check: wording association Mi chien Mi loup, 4 bis Square de la Liberation, 38360 Sassenage
  • Donation by PayPal: @assomichienmiloup
  • For host families: the link to the questionnaire to be completed by families

“Create a specialized brigade for animal protection”

The association, which works largely in Grenoble, has been seeing abused animals for the past fifteen years. A considerable weight that rests on the multiple associations for the protection of animals.

Fanny is campaigning for the creation of a specialized brigade for animal protection. “I worked on a zoophilia case, and we have been waiting for the justice system to take the case for months. 3/4 of our complaints go unanswered,” says the volunteer.

Despite everything, the young woman prefers to remember the “beautiful daily stories” and the many dogs she was able to save. Fanny hopes that “people will realize that it’s not a stuffed animal, that a dog has a story” and that he has the right to live with dignity.

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