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Growth spurt at Numa Avocats

Things are moving for Numa Avocats. Last March, the Aix firm was strengthened by welcoming a tenth partner, Me Céline Coasnes-Pellet, to lead the contracts-competition-distribution-intellectual property department. At the beginning of June, the new premises located at 40, boulevard du Roi René, in Aix, will be officially inaugurated, more spacious and better adapted to cope with very rapid growth. ” We founded the firm in 2019 and today we are ten partners of different generationsconfides Me Pierre Galland, corporate and financing specialist. The elders already had well-established figures and the younger ones, who were previously employees, also achieved a substantial turnover. Our goal is to find a balance between professional and personal life. Moreover, we are in the recruitment phase to respond to this growth with a workload that is acceptable to everyone. »

Numa lawyers Céline Coasnes-Pellet
Me Céline Coasnes-Pellet, the new partner, leads the contracts-competition-distribution-intellectual property department. (Credit: Numa Lawyers)

Intergenerational transmission

Among the strengths of the firm, there are specialties. In particular the international aspect claimed by Me Pierre Galland:

In Paris, it is almost an obligation to have the Anglo-Saxon component. Here, we are almost the only ones to have it and some have lived or studied abroad. I am a lawyer at the bar ofAix-en-Provence, as well as that of New York where I deal with files in English and French alike. International business law allows us to stand out. We also offer the full service which makes it possible to answer more than 95% in terms of business law. »

With offices in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Paris and Shanghai, the firm also benefits from the experience of partners, aged 37 to 63. ” The youngest bring their knowledge of new technologies and means of communication. The elders pass on their skills, their knowledge of the local context (bar association, colleagues, etc.) and their way of understanding things. It’s a two-way transmission. “, adds the lawyer. Promoting internal initiatives is another axis claimed by the partners who tend towards a horizontal hierarchy, in order to encourage the sharing of ideas.

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