Guillaume Genton causes discomfort in TPMP (VIDEO)

It is a news item that made the headlines. This Tuesday, an 18-month-old girl was violently bitten in the face and arm by a dog in Pas-de-Calais. Seriously injured, the little girl was attacked, according to the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service, by a “ uncategorized american wolfhound » who was his family’s pet.

This dramatic attack was mentioned Wednesday evening on the set of Do not touch My TV (C8) and provoked a tense debate between certain columnists of Cyril Hanouna. Blame it on very clear-cut opinions on the question “Should the animal be euthanized?” » « No, we don’t have the right to life or death over animals. Those who are responsible are those who import without authorization these dogs that have wolf genes. They are wild animals”, hammered Gilles Verdez. “ I always put a child in front of an animal, a dog in particular. And there, it is clear that it is a predatory dog ​​and therefore dangerous. Yes I am for euthanasia (…) The victim is the little girl” replied Geraldine Maillet.

A dog that bites, unfortunately that’s the rule (…) When there’s a death, what are you going to do? A beautiful show where we cry and where you are going to invite the lady? It’s too late after. I prefer my children to dogs (…) A dog that has tasted blood must be suppressed. I have a little cousin who lost half her face, half her throat and you could see her trachea. She has a breathing apparatus. And what do we do afterwards, are we going to cry again? (…) We picked up my little cousin’s cheek on the table with the vocal cords exposed and it stopped a few centimeters from the jugular. You can’t take risks. A dog that has bitten will do it again “, said very reassembled Benjamin Castaldi.

The tension went up a notch when Guillaume Genton intervened. “ I’m tired of people considering a dog as a subspecies. Like an object that we throw in the trash and that we kill as soon as there is a problem. They are living beings with sentient beings. They have the right to live. There are other means than killing them to put them out of harm’s way. Why don’t we do that with humans? At that moment, a human who attacks another must be killed immediately (…)”he launched.

At the question : “ Would you save your dog or a baby you don’t know from a fire? “Guillaume Genton confirmed that he would save his dog. “My dogs are like my children “, he justified under the boos of the public. A response that shocked some of his acolytes.

Clara Kolodny


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