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Guillaume Genton shocks TPMP columnists

Guillaume Genton has drawn the wrath of some of the TPMP columnists and the public during a debate on an accident involving a dog.

The TPMP program returned, this Wednesday, September 7, to the attack on an 18-month-old girl seriously injured in the face and arm by a dog in Lestrem, in Pas-de-Calais.

The day after this dramatic accident, Cyril Hanouna asked his columnists if the animal should be euthanized.

A tense debate between the columnists

As so often, the debate raged between the columnists. Benjamin Castaldi explained that one should not “take risks”: “A dog that has tasted blood must be removed. I have a little cousin who lost half her face, half her throat and you could see her trachea. She has a breathing apparatus. And what do we do afterwards, are we going to cry again? (…)”. An opinion shared by Géraldine Maillet who will recall that the “victim is the little girl”.

For his part, Guillaume Genton is of a different opinion: “I’m tired of people considering a dog as a subspecies. Like an object that we throw in the trash and that we kill as soon as there is a problem. They are living beings with sentient beings. They have the right to live. There are other means than killing them to put them out of harm’s way”.

“My dogs are like my children”

Following this intervention, Cyril Hanouna takes control again and asks Guillaume: “If you are in a fire, between your dog and a baby you don’t know, who are you going to save? “.

Without hesitation, the host of the morning of Virgin Radio answers “my dog”. An answer that will provoke boos from the public and Matthieu Delormeau’s incomprehension: “My dogs are like my children (…) I’m not going to lie (…) They are beings who feel, who love, who suffer “.

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