Gunshots and bullet-wounded cats in Villers-Cotterêts

Gunshots are sometimes heard in the Saint-Nicolas district. Two cats were seriously injured by gunshot wounds. Complaints have been filed.

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Mathilde and Clovis Maltot were on a family vacation when they heard the news. Nova, their 4-year-old cat, was found seriously injured in front of their home in the Saint-Nicolas residential area. “My parents-in-law would pass by to feed him every day, says the mother, known in Villers-Cotterêts because she runs a physiotherapy practice with her husband. On July 21, they found him in front of the house with the damaged paw. »

The animal had to be sent to a veterinary clinic in Meaux to be operated on, a bullet lodged in its leg. Invoice: 2,200 euros. He must keep external fixers for the time of convalescence and remain in a cage for two months with daily veterinary care.

Beyond the torture for the animal and the salty bill, “It’s very disturbing for the children and us, it alerts us to safety in the neighborhood, continues Ms. Maltot. We shouldn’t have this kind of hassle, even if it had been an accident, it was bad luck, but this is a voluntary act. »

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For some time, gunshots have been heard at times in the neighborhood. Another cat was shot and wounded. Mathilde Maltot says that neighbors find dead pigeons and doves almost daily in their garden. “We can’t figure out where it came from. Many of us file a complaint with the gendarmerie or make reports because we have to dissuade this person from continuing and put pressure on him. »

This episode is not new in the neighborhood. Seven years ago, several cats had been shot. “It stopped, we hadn’t heard anything since”, testifies Mathilde Maltot. At the time, the complaints had given nothing.

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