Hautes-Pyrénées: boas, foxes, parakeets, the Arche du Magnoac, refuge for all animals in distress

the essential
In Campuzan, Camille Schmitz and Guillaume Richard house animals in distress, whether domestic or wild.

Although young, Camille and Guillaume are experienced animal behaviorists. They have over fifteen years of experience. Animals constitute their daily life and, from the outset, we can see that they know and understand them perfectly. They live from this passion in the middle of a four-hectare estate that they are not despairing of expanding soon. Their action is exercised through the association “L’Arche du Magnoac” which they created. The animals they receive are welcomed for life or can be transferred to applicants, provided that the living conditions promised to them are at least of equal quality to those they enjoy in L’Arche. These placements represent a great opportunity because they free up space and make it possible to receive new guests who have been abandoned or who need to recover their health. Obviously, this activity is subject to authorisations, which are far from automatic, and to strict prefectural controls both with regard to the aptitude of the people practicing and the compliance and safety of the installations.

From chicken to lion

Today, the residents of L’Arche are already very diverse: barnyard animals, goats, horses, wolfdogs, cubs, but also boas, a python, monitor lizards, parakeets, parrots and cockatoos. For the record, one of the boas was sold by a lady who held it, legally, in an apartment. She felt that her weight (30 kg) was becoming too restrictive.

The future looks even more exotic. Indeed, a caracal, panthers, lions, tigers and capuchins should enrich the menagerie. The demand for big cats should soon grow in view of the new legislation which prohibits them in circuses.

L’Arche du Magnoac receives veterinary trainees in familiarization seminars with certain animals. It also organizes training courses offering several levels of improvement. The services offered are varied and scalable, it is advisable to contact L’Arche. The association is also looking for new members as well as partners sensitive to its approach who could support it materially or financially.

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