Hautes-Pyrénées: she refuses to let him stroke her dog, he hits her

the essential
It was an unpleasant encounter that two friends had to face, while it was dark on January 30 in the streets of Tarbes. The 26-year-old man who then crossed their path appeared before the criminal court for violence against the two women.

Fairly drunk, HJ approaches his victims while one of them was walking his dog. He will impose himself and ask to pet the animal. What the owner of the dog will refuse, in front of this visibly alcoholic man and the latter will quite simply hit her, as well as the barking dog, her friend will intervene and she too will find herself on the ground.
When the police arrive, they will find the individual, not far away, lying on the sidewalk. Placed in police custody, he cannot be heard until several hours after his arrest and says that he does not remember anything, as the president of the court specifies: “You said that you were very upset, that you had drunk several strong alcohols”.

“She called me a tramp”

In the box, the man tells his version of the facts: “I wanted to pet the dog and she called me a tramp”.
The president asks him: “So, in the end, do you remember? “.
HJ continues: “In prison, all these months, I thought too well, it came back little by little. With the alcohol, I got angry but for the blows, I don’t remember very well”.
The prosecutor relied on these last statements: “I don’t quite understand Mr.’s statements at this hearing. He doesn’t remember but at the same time… Yes. It is possible that he does not remember much, he was particularly soaked in alcohol. The statements of the victims are completely consistent, it is a totally gratuitous aggression, a follow-up is necessary and unavoidable, he has a violent behavior and has a problem with alcohol, I require 8 months of imprisonment”.
Me Mbemba, for the defense of the defendant indicated that his client had admitted the facts: “He tries to explain them by saying that he did not realize under the influence of alcohol. He only wanted to pet a dog. The sanction must be accompanied by help because he is a man in a difficult situation”.
The court followed the prosecution’s submissions and sentenced HJ to 8 months in prison.

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