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he adopts a strange attitude to show her how to dry off

His Golden Retriever takes his bath: he adopts a strange attitude to show him how to dry himself

This owner decided to pitch in to help his dog dry off.

This video will surely speak to many owners. Broadcast on Instagram, Beau’s master, a Golden Retriever, wanted to show his faithful companion how to dry off after a good bath.

The owner wanted to lead by example

As you can see, Beau’s owner shook his body as he watched his dog sitting nice and quiet in the tub.

“When dad thinks he can show me how to shake, it miraculously makes me know how to do it myself,” the caption read.

The Golden Retriever looks puzzled

Beau seems distraught at his master’s attitude. A video that made thousands of Internet users laugh, who did not hesitate to comment on the lesson given by the owner of the dog: “My father does the same for me”, writes the account “Golden_boy_boone. “I love the demonstration,” commented another Internet user.

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