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he decides to transform it for his cats

A user recovers an aquarium from his in-laws

Cats take advantage of their owner’s brilliant idea.

On TikTok, a user has decided to give an old aquarium a second life. On the Chinese social network, the Internet user “MildWestSami” posted a video of his old aquarium transformed into a second home for his cats.

An aquarium, a terrarium and a second home for cats

As he explains, it was his in-laws who gave him the aquarium. Originally, he decides to turn it into a terrarium.

Unfortunately, the plants will never flourish in this display case. The Internet user therefore decided to get rid of it and make a little cocoon for his pets.

To provide a cozy place for his felines, he installed blankets and a stuffed animal. An installation that seems to the taste of cats who quickly adopted this little corner of paradise.

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