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He discovers that his wife, pregnant, eats cakes… for dogs! His reaction is unexpected

A married man discovered his pregnant wife’s indulgence. And it is strange to say the least. Indeed, as we know, the cravings of pregnant women are often difficult to manage. But there is still limits. However, this woman does not seem to have any. Her husband finds out that she is eating secretly dog ​​cakes. The reaction of her husband is surprising! We tell you everything here.

A woman with special desires

Indeed, pregnant women are often the slaves of their desires. Often irrepressible and insolvent, their desires must be satisfied. But to what extent. Well this woman’s story seems to have no limits. Indeed, these cravings food are often sudden, at any time. This woman tells her own story on Reddit. A story that has did not fail to react so unusual. For the story this woman is called Fanny.

This is how Fanny, this pregnant woman tells her little hidden pleasure. “I’ve been eating it secretly since beginning of my pregnancy. I do not know why. I don’t have a dog and I’ve never had a dog” can we read on his account. However, she wanted to add a clarification. She only eats the regular cookies, not the beef or fish flavored ones. It still has limits.

The little secret garden

Of course, this young woman realizes that’s a bit strange. Especially since not having a dog, she really doesn’t come into contact with these biscuits very often. But she decides not to tell her husband about it and to keep it to herself. She admits that “I hide it from my husband, because it’s weird. I know these cravings can be strange, but for me, it goes beyond that. I’ve talked about it vaguely with friends, but none of them have the same cravings as me – or they don’t want to admit it ”. Fanny is therefore well aware of the somewhat strange situation in which she finds herself.

But the young woman really wanted her husband not to know. But one day the secret was revealed. Her husband understood. “Yesterday my husband caught me eating some cookies. He asked me to give him one. I should have accepted, but I refused by overreacting. Obviously, my reaction made him even more curious and he finally understood”.

A surprising reaction

Quickly, the poor young woman becomes a source of ridicule from her husband. Indeed, Fanny did well to keep it secret, because her husband does not seem very understanding. “He doesn’t stop barking. He laughed for five hours last night. When I ask him something like ‘Can you bring me the blanket?’ He responds by saying, ‘Wow! Wow!’ and go get her. I don’t know how I’m going to make him forget that. He doesn’t stop barking. He laughed for five hours last night. When I ask her something like ‘Can you bring back the cover ?’ He responds by saying, ‘Wow! Wow!’ and go get her. I don’t know how I’m gonna make her forget that”.

But the mockery is the price for the young woman to be able to easily eat her dog biscuits in broad daylight. Either way, he can’t make fun any more than he already does. Internet users are hilarious at this story and comment “It’s too much funny. It’s exactly what my husband would do. Do not worry, it will pass soon”.

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