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he does his best to become his friend

A dog meets a window cleaner on the 15th floor of his building

This dog loves to make new friends whatever the circumstances.

Tofu, a magnificent Golden Retriever will long remember this atypical encounter with a window cleaner.

The Golden Retriever wished to make a new friend

Rebekah Hartman, its owner did not hesitate to immortalize this moment and shared it on social networks.

When the dog saw this window washer working outside his 15th floor apartment, he was quick to grab his favorite toy to bring to his new friend.

“He was delighted that someone was in front of our window,” Tofu’s owner told The Dodo.

Elected “Animal of the month” within his residence

Tofu’s reaction did not surprise the young woman. The dog is so nice and sociable that he has twice been voted “pet of the month” in his residence.

Each time the Golden meets a person, he presents them with one of his toys. Unfortunately for Tofu, the window washer was never able to catch his present. Moreover, the dog never saw this ephemeral friend again.

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