He finds his cat riddled with lead, the animal had to be amputated

Tuesday in Méteren (Flanders), Christian De Buck found his cat Albert riddled with lead. This Friday, he will file a complaint against the person who, by shooting his animal, caused the amputation of a leg and the loss of an eye.

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Discovery. Tuesday, at 4 o’clock, Christian is awake: ” I couldn’t sleep, I thought of Albert who had been missing for almost ten days. For my wife and I, our cats are our four-legged children “. The Méterennois goes into the kitchen and comes across the cat jumping on a piece of furniture: “ He was very thin, with one eye closed, he was limping. I gave him a ration and as soon as he had finished he wanted another one. ” That same morning at 9 a.m., Albert is at the veterinarian’s in Neuve-Eglise (B) and there is amazement: ” She wanted to do x-rays and when she showed me the pictures, I fell sitting. Albert is riddled with pellets in the head and at the level of the humerus. He is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

Two rifle shots. For the professional, there is no doubt about the criminal origin. It appears that two bullets were fired, without succeeding in killing the animal: ” I don’t know how he managed to get out of it. I think he was knocked out, he had to wait a bit to survive and then he found the strength to come back home “thinks Christian, totally revolted by this act. To date, he has no idea who fired, but he filed a complaint this Friday: ” If the author is found, I will ask him for the reimbursement of veterinary expenses but above all for moral damage. »

Collected at six weeks. Albert, who is about 2 years old, was found by friends of Antoine, Christian’s son. A veterinarian had told them to put him in the SPA but the kitten ended up with the De Bucks in Méteren. The couple pampers 18 felines and the last time a cat was shot was more than twenty-five years ago. ” In winter, he stays on the sofas, and in summer, he walks around but never beyond the pasture. “, reports his master.


Warn the population. An expert in communication, Antoine was asked by his father to alert cat owners. He posted on Facebook: I have had several returns from people who have lost a cat, another with a broken leg, a cat sprayed with diesel. I want the person who did this not to feel impunity. »

Antoine De Buck has issued an alert on Facebook.
Antoine De Buck has issued an alert on Facebook.

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