he freezes when he sees the bathroom floor

The bailiff enters an apartment: he freezes when he sees the floor of the bathroom

In Seine-Saint-Denis, a bailiff made a chilling discovery in the bathroom of an apartment abandoned for several weeks by its tenant who no longer paid his rent.

Present in an apartment in Seine-Saint-Denis for a recovery, a bailiff had a real shock when he discovered a dog abandoned for long weeks. The 4-year-old American bully had been in a deplorable state, having had neither food nor drink for several weeks.

According to Anne-Claire Chauvancy, of Action Protection Animale, quoted by the Parisian, the dog had been alone for 3 weeks, locked in a bathroom. The police were immediately called to the scene.

An owner in custody

Following Weedy’s abandonment, his owner was taken into custody. The Action Protection Animale association decided to recover the animal, which then weighed only ten kilos instead of the thirty it should be.

For the moment, the survival of the animal is not yet certain according to the association. But everything is done so that Weedy can get by.

A complicated summer

This summer, abandonments are particularly numerous and the SPA has already sounded the alarm so that people become aware of the difficulty of taking care of all the animals.

According to the Action Protection Animale association, the abandonment of animals in homes is also increasing and is particularly deadly for animals that find themselves left to fend for themselves.

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