he gets his own Whopper sound thanks to 100,000 retweets

In France, he is part of the very closed circle of the most influential tweeters. Having received a response from Emmanuel Macron’s official account last summer, and then outright “ratio” Arkunir signs a new big blow, by managing to rename the flagship burger of Burger King. On paper only for now, but it’s a good start.

Burger King caught at its own game?

It all started with a simple tweet signed Arkunir, signaling to his followers that he was now followed by the official account of Burger King France. Teasingly, the young man will have, after having launched an appeal of the foot remained unanswered to McDonald, proposed to the American sign to decline a burger in his honor. A request heard by Burger King, but subject to one condition: a tweet signed BK France had to make more than 100,000 retweets. It didn’t take long for this score to be reached, and even blithely exceeded.

In fact, in the process, the fast food will announce to rename its famous Whopper in Arkunir Burger a short time, for a week, obviously. Still, at the moment, the change has not yet been made on the restaurant menu. Just a matter of time before the marketing teams seize this buzz opportunity head-on?

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