“He is a 100% diva”

Lizzi Pallister, 29, lives with her partner, daughter and Henri, her French Bulldog, in Exeter, England. The young woman quickly realized that her dog, adopted at the age of five months, had a demanding character: “I have never met a dog like Henry before. He has to be the center of attention, he is 100% a diva,” she told the Mirror.

Henry indeed refuses to sleep alone, to climb the stairs, to take long walks or even to drink tap water: “Every morning, when I put his bowl of tap water on the floor, it gives a nudge and then sits down looking at me as if to say: Nice try – where is my bottle”.

45 euros per month in bottled water

A whim that is expensive for Lizzi since she spends no less than 45 euros per month in bottles of water for her dog: “I consume 2 packs of 12 each week, it costs around 11 euros weekly. I have to do some shopping for the family and also buy them their bottles of water,” says the young woman. “I tried to fill them with tap water, but he knows. He wants me to open it in front of him, as if to say: I am not a fool”.

On TikTok, the mistress posted images of her dog refusing her water bowl. A video that has 2.5 million views. Some users of the social network have confessed to facing the same problem.


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