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he is assaulted with a shard for a dog story

A bottle attack occurred last Friday.

The facts took place last Friday night, rue Saint Mathieu in Meyzieu. A 23-year-old young man was then joining other individuals when an altercation broke out. He was hit in the neck with a bottle shard.

Hospitalized, he obtained 10 days of ITT without his vital prognosis being engaged. During the investigation, a member of the family of the attacked was heard and affirmed that a story of dog was at the origin of this altercation.

Following the facts, the victim filed a complaint and named her attacker who was arrested the next day. He then acknowledged his presence at the scene. But instead of assuming the facts of which he was accused, he claimed to have defended himself on the contrary. The defendant should be presented this Tuesday to the Lyon prosecutor’s office for a judgment in immediate appearance.



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