He knocks down a dog then hits the mistress in Awans

It was a “traffic accident” which, on Wednesday, had disproportionate consequences with, in the end, two people and a dog injured as well as a judicial arrest.

At the beginning of the evening, while crossing a road in Awans with her dog (who was not on a leash), a lady saw a cyclist arrive who brushed against and even touched her dog somewhat.

The lady then addressed the cyclist asking him, no doubt in flowery terms, to be careful. A remark that did not please, but then did not please the cyclist at all…

And, rather than wisely going his way, the man then turned around and walked towards the lady and her dog, then touching the little Bichon, a second time. The shock was such that the dog howled and the cyclist fell.

This is where things got even worse. According to the cyclist, the lady who was armed with a walking stick hit him with her “weapon”. He then managed to grab the stick to tear it from his hands and used it to hit the pedestrian. The blows were so violent that the metal stick broke into three pieces…

Injured, the lady was taken to the hospital where the doctors drew up an impressive list of injuries then attesting to a 36-day incapacity for work…

While she was being treated, the lady recounted her misadventure, which did not go unchallenged by the nursing staff who, almost at the same time, were taking care of a slightly injured cyclist.

The link was made and the cyclist was arrested at the care center. He was deprived of liberty and referred, Thursday, to the Liège prosecutor’s office for intentional assault and battery resulting in incapacity.

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