He leaves four dogs without water for more than a month in an apartment in Limoges

It was a scene of horror discovered on Monday, July 25, by the police who raided an apartment in downtown Limoges, from which a pestilential smell emanated.

In an apartment on boulevard Bel-Air, the police found a dog and three puppies locked in a room, left to their own devices and living in their excrement for several weeks.

The dog fed in a bag of kibbles disembowelled, unsuitable for puppies. No water was available. The droppings of the four animals covered almost the entire floor. The puppies were extremely emaciated.

Committed vital prognosis

The dogs were transported to the veterinary service of the Humane Society. The vital prognosis of the youngest would be engaged.

The police found the tenant of the apartment and took him into custody. He would have justified this abandonment by personal concerns. He would have explained that the dog had had eleven puppies and that he had sold eight.

According to the police, the 30-year-old man had left the apartment since June 19, 37 days before the animals were discovered by the police.

Summoned to court

The SPA filed a complaint. The 30-year-old, who was released, will be prosecuted for “abandonment of a domestic animal exposing him to an immediate or imminent risk of death”, and possession of a category 1 and 2 dog (attack dogs or defense dogs).

The keeping of these animals is either prohibited for category 1, or subject to the possession of a permit for category 2. Puppies, which are category 1, will remain the responsibility of the SPA because they cannot be adopted.

Summoned to a criminal hearing before the Limoges court next December, the 30-year-old faces several years in prison and tens of thousands of euros in fines.

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Jean Louis Mercier


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