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“He literally started devouring our son” (video)

Last Monday, little Ryad returns home after school, and prepares for his karate lesson. But around 4 p.m., disaster strikes. Leaving their apartment on the ground floor, Ryad and his mother come face to face with the pit bull of their neighbor on the second floor. The dog then rushes at them and the mother and her son do not know how to do anything. “He entered the apartment and started to literally devour our son. My wife pushed him away, but he kept coming back, attacking Ryad’s legs, stomach and hands. She couldn’t do anything, she was just trying to protect her face and throat,” Mustapha told RTL.

Ryad can no longer move normally and he has eight stitches. One of his calves is touched in the third degree according to his father, and he moves in a wheelchair.

“By police order, I ordered the capture of the animal that attacked young Ryad. The local police and the canine brigade of our area have captured the dog, which will be submitted to the examination of an expert veterinarian for the follow-up to be given. I thank them greatly because it is always a delicate operation. We have very strict municipal regulations concerning dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs. It was not respected and the administrative procedures will be applied. “, communicated the mayor of Koekelberg Ahmed Laaouej.


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