He refuses to pay for her meal at the restaurant during a date, the reason is impressive

A video has reached over 3 million views on TikTok. It was the first date of two Americans that caught the attention of Internet users. Alaska Gurl is the nickname of the young woman. She posted a video in which she shows the man she refused to have an intimate relationship with after dinner, asking her to pick up part of the bill.

A romantic date that ends in sex blackmail?

The video begins with the arrival of the server with two additions. We can hear the young woman talking to her companion and saying:

“Are you really going to make me pay?” »

The man in question dressed in a Looney Tunes t-shirt gives him one of the bills. From what you could see on the bill, they were at an American bar called Applebee’s Grill + Bar.

The amount that the young woman had to pay was 42 dollars. The young woman was surely expecting her boyfriend to change his mind. But the latter seemed to camp on his positions. And this, unless she accepts his request.

“Are you going to give me your ass?” he asked, asking if she would agree to sleep with him after dinner.

Source: TikTok screenshot

The young woman replied categorically:

” Nope ! »

Following which, the man did not pay the two bills. “See, that’s your problem. You don’t want to,” he said. As it was not enough to offend the young woman in this way, he added to it.

“Hey, how are you going to get home?” “, he added.

Clearly, he has no intention of bringing Alaska Gurl home. Annoyed, the young woman tells him that he is the one who will take her home.

“You take me home,” said the young woman in the video.

His sentence was accompanied by the “F word”. Totally heedless of what his companion might feel, the man replies by asking if she had money for gas. It is from there that we could hear the woman throwing insults during the date which turned into a disaster.

She zooms in on the man’s head saying:

“Guys, he makes me pay for my food, because I don’t want to sleep with him. It’s a shame. Look at this man. Never go out with him. Don’t give him your number. Just run away! »

Source: TikTok screenshot

The reaction of netizens

Just hours after being posted, the video went viral on TikTok. The reaction of netizens who saw the video was divided. Some felt that what the man did was completely normal. Some rather defended the young woman.

“Men don’t have to pay for your meal!” !! You ate it, you pay for it! “, had written a commentator.

There was also a comment that said:

“Who does she think she is, expecting a stranger to pay for her meal and demanding that he take her home? », accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Some were neutral about the situation. A commentator said that the man did not do well, but the young woman is no better. In another party, Alaska Gurl was defended.

“As a man, when you ask a woman out, you pay. It was you who approached her and asked her out. It is logical that you pay “wrote a user.

Another said:

“If you can’t afford to pay for a woman’s dinner, you can’t afford to ask her out, period. »

Source: TikTok screenshot

A scene organized in advance?

If so, it won’t be a first! As they say, don’t believe everything you find on the internet. Indeed, tiktokers have this habit of publishing videos where we can witness improbable scenes, which are a little too cliché. The goal is, of course, to generate the most views so “anything goes”. Well… that’s what they allow themselves.

The New York Post conducted a small investigation to find out the truth. According to other videos, Alaska Gurl and her date are indeed a longtime couple. It is even possible that the video is also a staging. All this, just to make the buzz. In any case, the couple succeeded!

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