He rents a cabin for his bachelor party, but this stray dog ​​is going to upset his evening

Tradition dictates that women are not invited to bachelor parties. But the friends of Mitchell Craddock had to make a small exception, and give a pass to a stray dog ​​who came to ask for food. This unforgettable encounter, reported by SBLY animal channel, marked their lives.

The event took place in a cabin in the woods

For the feast of Mitchellhe and his 7 friends went to a forest in the Tennesseeto United States, where they had rented a cabin. As they were grilling bacon for their breakfast, the tantalizing smell brought in a surprise guest.

A stray dog ​​came and sat on their doorstep, hoping to get a little piece of meat to eat. Amused, the boys gave the animal some food, but they quickly realized that it was in poor condition.

The dog had a litter

The dog was thin, hungry, but also thirsty. She threw herself greedily on whatever her friends gave her to eat. Her belly testified that she had had a litter. When the dog returned to the woods, the curious boys followed her. They then discovered 7 puppies, eagerly waiting to be fed. The mother had protected them in a makeshift shelter.

8 duets were created

Touched in the heart, the boys then made a decision that seemed obvious to them. They were 8, and 8 dogs needed a home: each of them would therefore leave with one of the animals.

The friends therefore returned home with a physical and indelible memory of the bachelor party. Plus, all living within a few miles of each other, the dog family can continue to see each other regularly. The friends have thus become accustomed to meeting each weekend, with a group no longer of 8, but of 16!

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