he scans his chip and has the biggest shock of his career

Never, ever Vicky would have expected to see Gucci alive again.

When she moved in 2008 near Leeds, Vicky Swainson didn’t think her cat would escape and remain untraceable. Unfortunately, that is what happened. The tomcat, no doubt frightened, took to their heels and the search to find him never yielded anything…

In search of Gucci

For months, Vicky, then 19, posted posters everywhere and looked for her cat. She even makes the daily trip to her old house to check that the cat has not decided to return there.

But nothing helps… Gucci remains untraceable and Vicky gradually loses hope as she sees the months, then the years go by.

A shocking call

During 2020, 12 years after the disappearance of Gucci, Vicky received a call that she absolutely no longer expected. A veterinary office announces to him that his cat is with them. He was recognized thanks to his microchip. So there is no room for doubt.

β€œI was in total shock,” explains Vicky.

According to the vet, a kind-hearted cat lover had been feeding Gucci for around eight months as he wandered the streets. But when the tomcat started to lose weight, she took him to a vet’s office and everything accelerated.

Unfortunately, Vicky couldn’t get Gucci back because she already has another 7-year-old cat who wouldn’t like it. Gucci therefore found his quarters with his father.

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