He wants to “become a dog” and spends €14,000 to achieve his dream (Video)

He wants to “become a dog” and spends €14,000 to achieve his dream (Video)

A Japanese man by the name of Tako-San spent several thousand euros to “become someone else”. The story is already viral.

New technologies now make it possible to do everything. This story proves it. A Japanese man had a tailor-made suit made to fulfill a dream. What dream is it? Become a dog! And to realize his dream, this man was ready for anything.

A totally crazy dream

Toko-San didn’t choose just any costume. This is a Rough Collie costume, which allowed him to take off his human clothes in order to fully transform. The suit was custom made for him and cost over 14,000 euros (about $15,000).

The man sports the outfit in a series of videos posted on Youtube, and the least we can say is that the resemblance is incredible.

Even if it may seem a little surprising, even downright crazy, dressing up as an animal is a fashion that is meeting more and more success in the world.

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