he wants to get his luggage and his cats back but it’s already too late

At the beginning of July, Abbas Zoeb had a real mishap at the Toronto airport.

On July 6, Abbas was unable to board his Toronto-San Francisco flight. There were problems with his visa and the airline denied him the right to board the plane.

Her cats boarded

After being held up for several hours at the airport, he was told that his cats, Mimi and Bubba, had been sent to the United States without him.

Air Canada then suggested that he go to San Francisco to pick them up himself… Or ask someone in San Francisco to pick up his cats for him.

But Abbas had no one to pick them up in San Francisco.

very tired cats

Mimi and Bubba reunited with Abbas in Toronto more than 15 hours later. The cats were tired and disturbed by their misadventure.

On the day of the incident, Air Canada updated its policy to prohibit pets from being checked into aircraft baggage holds until mid-September.

People traveling with pets must now bring them on board as hand luggage, provided the animal is small. Otherwise, animals must be shipped via Air Canada Cargo.

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