He withdraws money from the ATM, but the noises inside make him cry out in amazement.

He withdraws money from the ATM

Last week, firefighters in Fort Smith, Arkansas carried out a highly unusual rescue operation.

Thursday, July 7, firefighters responded to a call from the city bank.

A kitten stuck in the window

Employees were calling to rescue a kitten stuck in an ATM.

The firefighters had to dismantle the machine completely.

Fortunately, they were able to save the little gray kitten. The poor man weighed barely 450 grams.

The rescuers dropped him off at the pound, before being entrusted to the good care of the Fort Smith Animal Haven shelter.

A new start

At the shelter, the kitten was named Cash by the staff in reference to his story.

When he arrived there, the kitten was a little frightened, but that didn’t last long.

Cash soon realized he was in good hands and is now just purring.

The employees now take care of making Cash regain weight and provide him with all the necessary care!

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