Health and diet: 4 tips for eating less sugar


Bad for your health, sugar is everywhere. On Instagram, experts give advice on how to reduce your daily consumption.


Lauren Cavin-Hostettler

There are several ways to reduce your daily sugar intake.


A spoon in coffee, in ice cream, fruit or a prepared dish. Excess sugar is harmful to the teeth, but it can also cause type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular or heart disease.

Adapt your recipes

Reduce the quantities indicated by 30% if the recipe contains chocolate, fruit or spices (vanilla extract, cinnamon, etc.), use natural alternatives such as birch sugar or agave syrup, choose wholemeal flours ( buckwheat, spelled, quinoa, etc. to lower the glycemic index are some of the tips from Bérengère Philippon, scientist and author of “I succeed in my sugar detox” (Larousse Cuisine Editions) on her Instagram account, @0sucre_et_igbas. Indeed, a diet rich in protein allows you to stay full for a long time, which helps to avoid cravings.

Eat in the right order

“Fibers first, then proteins and fats, starches and sugars (starches, desserts, fruits) last. The idea is not to jump on sugar on an empty stomach. American biochemist Jessie Inchauspé explains, using diagrams, how to combine foods to slow the digestion of glucose, on her Instagram account, @glucosegoddess. “Here is what I did to eat Galette des Rois with less impact on my blood sugar: I ate it as a dessert after a meal rather than on an empty stomach in the afternoon.”

Read labels carefully

“Starch”, “syrup”, “galactose” or “starch” are terms that should attract attention. Indeed, it is unfortunately possible to absorb a large amount of sugar without realizing it. After studying chemistry and a Masters in nutrition and health, Eva Vacheau favors healthy and organic food. For her, reading labels is important, especially for industrial products and ultra-processed foods.

Limit all sugars

Beware of unrefined sugars! Honey or maple syrup still contain glucose and fructose. They are considered added sugar for daily consumption. For South African dietician Lerusha Naidoo, instead of avoiding a particular type of sugar, it is better to limit its overall consumption in the diet, for a more beneficial effect on health.

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