Health: here’s why you should store your jars and cans upside down

by Jessica Meurens

When you buy jams, spreads or canned food, how do you store them in your cupboards or in your fridge? Logically, you store them as on the shelves of supermarkets, that is to say in the place, with the legible label. Still, you should place them upside down, once these have been opened. Explanations.

To properly store your food in the fridge, you should first place it in an airtight container. Thus, they will be protected from the cold, but also from bacteria. You will therefore preserve the nutritional and taste qualities of your food. But it would seem that there is a small trick, a little surprising, which makes it possible to do even better in terms of conservation.

This tip, it comes directly from an old Facebook group, called The Prepped Mama, as indicated Cosmopolitan. It was a mother concerned about fighting against food waste who had shared this tip on the group: keep potted food containers upside down in the refrigerator.

Keep the jars upside down?

This idea may seem strange and you are probably wondering why you should store your jars and cans upside down in your fridge when they have a lid…. However, this little habit to adopt could indeed help you fight against food waste.

In fact, this trick will extend the life of food that has already been opened. How ? Because, since there will be no more air between the cap and the food, there will be less risk of bacteria developing in your jar. This is even more effective when it comes to foods with a thick texture, such as sauces, tomato paste or jam.

Also in cupboards and on shelves?

What’s even better is that this anti-waste trick can also be used for products that do not keep in the fridge. Of course, you don’t need to put them upside down if they’re still closed, unless you’d rather make that habit so you don’t forget.

On the other hand, it is a great way to store shelf-stable products that contain oil, such as spread or peanut butter. Thus, you will not have an oily deposit on the surface of your pots. if the contents become too dry, simply stir it with a knife to bring it back to the right consistency.

All you have to do is test!

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