Heartwarming video of baby sleeping next to puppy shows how bonded they are already

Born two weeks apart, this puppy and baby have forged an unbreakable bond over the months. The proof in video.

As the saying goes, a dog is man’s best friend. But in the case of Ford and Palmer, a one-year-old boy and a Golden Retriever puppy of the same age, this sentence makes perfect sense. Born two weeks apart, they grew up side by side and formed an extraordinary relationship. The parents of Ford created an account TikTok devoted to this exceptional duo.

One of the first videos from the TikTok account shows Ford and Palmer sleeping together

The parents of Ford made the bold choice to welcome a puppy when their child had just been born, as related Newsweek. If they had twice as much education work, they also had twice as much happiness, especially in the face of the very touching relationship between their two little ones. From an early age, puppy and baby were put together regularly. On one of the first videos shared by the family, Ford and Palmer are lying side by side in the boy’s crib. Ford is wrapped in a cloth. Both are sleeping soundly and peacefully, back to back. The video received 2.7 million likes, and 12.6 million views.


We finally got 8 hours of sleep……. It only took 2 days to get but whatever! #teamnosleep #puppiesoftiktok #sleepingbeauty #babiesoftiktok

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“They become inseparable best friends”

3 months later, the parents of Ford shared another video. They wrote in caption:What People Don’t Tell You When You Get A Puppy With A 2 Month Old: They Become Inseparable Best Friends”. We then see Ford and Palmer lying face to face and asleep. The Golden has a paw in the hand of the little boy, who tenderly caresses the pad. This video got 33.8 million views and 4.7 million likes.


We were born 2 weeks apart! #fordandpalmer #babiesoftiktok #baby #babyboy #4u #foryou #puppiesoftiktok #puppy

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Ford and Palmer celebrate their first anniversary and are still so close

This Friday, August 5, the parents of Ford shared a video for the Golden’s birthday.


Palmers birthday was last week so you better believe she got her own cake! Pumpkin cake with peanut butter frosting. #fordandpalmer #dogsoftiktok #dogs #goldenretriever

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After a year of growing up together, the puppy and the boy are still so close, as evidenced by this latest video. There is no doubt that the years to come will only consolidate this already indestructible bond!


Wait until the end to see their love now! ????. Their love for each other almost 1 year after thry met is stronger than ever. #fordandpalmer

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