Heat: foods to never leave out of the fridge at the risk of getting sick

by Jessica Meurens

Thermometers will explode this week. Faced with this new heat wave, there are a few mistakes not to make. Among these are the foods you should never forget out of the fridge…

Usually, we are used to placing certain foods in the fridge, while others can simply be stored in a cupboard or even in the open air. Only, once the temperatures start to climb, it’s not really the same thing…

Indeed, high heat could damage certain foods. As a result, you may have to review the organization of your fridge for the next few days. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention not to break the cold chain, in order to avoid falling ill.

Here are the foods that you absolutely must store in the fridge when it’s hot

  • Meat and fish: it’s not really a surprise that these foods should be placed in the refrigerator… On the other hand, you also have to pay attention to the cold chain, which can quickly be broken in the event of high temperatures. So, take them rather at the end of your shopping to preserve their freshness as much as possible. Feel free to use a cool carrying bag or even a cooler if you live far from the store.
  • Dairy products : the cheeses must absolutely be placed in the fridge. As for milk, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator even before opening it. Indeed, we tend to put it in the fridge only once opened but, in case of strong heat, it could give you stomach aches.
  • Dishes in sauce: when the temperatures are rather low, there is no problem keeping them at room temperature. But, once it gets hot, leaving them out for a while could make you sick.

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