Heat wave: “half-dead” dogs found in a P&O ferry

This Tuesday, a heat wave day in France and England, dogs were found locked in a van aboard a P&O boat between Calais and Dover.

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This Tuesday, when the sweltering heat reigned over France and England, an Englishwoman, Hanna Mason, was traveling with her family on board a P&O ferry from Calais to Dover. ” As we descended into our car after the crossing, a panicked lady ran for help. I followed her and saw a labrador puppy, half dead “, tells us Hanna whose story was also published by our British colleagues from KentOnline. Nearby, inside a van, she finds other puppies in a ” lamentable “.

Exhausted animals

In total, ten dogs crossed inside a closed van. ” Without the air and under a temperature approaching 40°C, the dogs were exhausted. Some couldn’t even get up “, continues the woman. Along with other passengers, she rescued the animals. ” We gave them water and then, together with P&O employees, we took them to the ferry’s dog area. »

“An error in judgement”

The animals were in the van of the Daisybrook Kennels And Transport Services company which transports puppies from Europe to England. In a statement posted on Facebook, the owner admits to having ” made a huge error in judgment » and blames a « combination of events including ferry delays. It’s unclear why they drove him to leave them in a van. ” All responsible dog owners have chosen to use our pet lounge, which we have made free says P&O Ferries.

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs came on board and took puppies to a vet. According to the owner of the transport company, the three most affected dogs “ were stable and all had to go home on Wednesday.

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