Heat wave: here are the best natural ice creams in Paris

For years, an ice cream parlor dominated the Parisian scene, famous for the quality, the taste, and the natural raw materials it used: Berthillon. Since 1954, on Île Saint-Louis, the house has continued to spin its ice cream and sorbets every day. But in recent years, the level of craftsmen has continued to climb. Here, in these scorching times, is a selection of the most “natural” glaciers in Paris and its surroundings. Their cones, popsicles and other desserts are much more expensive than industrial products, including those sold in pastry shops, but they are also – not by chance – the most delicious in the capital.

Fabien Foenix, the nugget (Paris)

Established for 40 years, this ice cream maker offers 70 flavors of ice cream and sorbets and 15 frozen desserts including the fabulous old-fashioned nougatine pot that can be garnished with the flavors of your choice to order. We love homemade cones to enjoy with a cocoa sorbet, fresh mint or mojito. You can also be tempted by the plum ice cream and the memorable Rothschild soufflé with Grand Marnier. Pot (equivalent to two scoops): €2.95.


Thierry Keiflin, for crunchy popsicles (Boulogne-Billancourt)

This chocolatier offers ice cream and sorbets in pots. We rush to discover the pink grapefruit and Campari sorbet, the lively blend of red fruits (strawberry, raspberry, morello cherry, blueberry and wild blackberry) or the coffee tonic. Not to mention the gourmet popsicles made in limited quantities and covered with a delicious granola. From 4 euros.


Gilles Cresno, traditional and without fuss (Rueil-Malmaison)

Since 2018, the chocolate maker has started making artisanal ice cream. No fuss here, but 330 ml jars that we can’t get enough of: raisin rum for the nostalgic, coconut, chocolate or caramel to combine with mango or strawberry sorbets for the more traditional. The novelty, a refreshing lemon sorbet.


L’instant Gourmand, neighborhood pastry shop – Courbevoie

At this artisan pastry chef, the ice cream is turbinated every day. “We make it a point of honor to offer fresh ice creams sold within a week of their production, never again,” confides Olivier Lepareur. We love the soft texture of chocolate but also the strawberry or mango sorbet that can also be found in 100% homemade Vacherins!


Jacques Genin, minute turbines – Paris

“To restore each flavor and have this creamy texture of freshly prepared ice cream, I offer minute turbinado ice creams served with a small financier or a tuile. » Fresh fruit sorbets, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio or hazelnut ice creams, but also seasonal vegetable ice creams – peas, zucchini or carrots – reflecting the pastry chef’s requirements. To discover without waiting. From 5 euros.


Pierre Marcolini, straciatella style (Paris)

Pierre Marcolini launches into minute turbine ice cream to offer us a unique creamy texture. Each ice cream is decorated with thin sheets of homemade dark, milk or white chocolate, Straciatella style. We also love the little ready-made Frissons jars, including the one with coconut, raspberry coulis and milk chocolate leaf. From €5.50.


Glazed, rock’n’roll (Paris)

At Henri Guittet, the coffee ice cream is seasoned with green cardamom and the popcorn ice cream is enriched with caramel and tailed pepper. More confusing, we appreciate the homemade marrow bone ice cream to accompany a beef tartare or the brand new smoked pecorino creation to serve with a gazpacho. For the less adventurous, we melt for the strawberry sorbet from the Alpilles flavored with Timut pepper. From 3.50 euros.


The frozen factory, pastry ice cream (Paris)

Here we “kiffe” alone or with others the pastry ice creams of Jérémie Runel and Martin Chauche. Milk from the Monts d’Ardèche, fresh herbs and chestnut flour cones, but above all incredible creativity. We compose our pot or we opt for the Kif Habibi sold in individual tray or to share with pistachio, dates and orange blossom or the Kif Strawberry Melba. The “Chef’s Kifs” are sold for 6 euros.


Tourbillon, frosted bowls – Saulx-les-Chartreux and Paris

When Yann Brys, MOF pastry chef, opens in Paris, we go for it! “Ice cream is a fabulous product for respecting the raw material. You have to find the right balance to combine flavors, texture and pleasant melting. Here, full fruit sorbets contain more than 50% fresh fruit. We taste the strawberry sorbet from Plougastel, the lemon sorbet made from fresh juice without forgetting the vanilla ice cream from Papua with a floral flavor. We also melt for the frosted, bowls to share, which mimic strawberry or lemon pie. From 5.20 euros.


Pierre Hermé, ice cream with pastry flavors – Paris

Fans of the House’s emblematic desserts? We let ourselves be seduced by the ice creams which take up some of the favorite flavors such as the Ispahan sorbet, the Montebello, Ultime ice creams or even the Infiniment vanilla macaron. There are also three new products: the Chado ice cream with yuzu and matcha tea, the Infiniment caramel macaron ice cream or the velvety Infiniment red fruit ice cream. From 7.20 euros.


La Glacerie, a summer in Brittany – Paris

The credo of David Wesmael, MOF glacier, to combine craftsmanship and technique. We love its frozen tubes, easy to cut into slices as soon as they come out of the freezer. With three flavours, you can create a plated dessert worthy of a Chef. This summer, the ice creams take on a Breton air with the strawberry sorbet from Plougastel with sea water and oyster pepper, the Ribot and kasha milk ice cream, the Madame butter ice cream with lambic and the dessert “Le Kouign à me ” ! For 6 people, the latter is still sold for 45 euros.


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