Heat wave: some tips to help our pets cope with this episode

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It will be hot, very hot these next few days in France. And we will not be alone in having to face it. Our pets too. Here are some tips to help them make the most of this period.

You’re hot ? Them too. They are our pets. Dogs, in particular, are sensitive to heat. To ensure that these few days of high temperatures go well for our four-legged friends, here are some tips.

For dogs

It may seem obvious, but it must be remembered: do not leave your pet in your car, even parked in the shade and the windows open, even for a few minutes, because it can always be very hot in the passenger compartment. The temperature can climb there to more than 60 ° C in a few minutes, explains TF1 which specifies that if you see a dog in distress in a parked car, and that you have not found the owner, you can contact the police or the gendarmerie. If the animal is in danger, they have the right to open the vehicle.

Also avoid taking your pet out for a walk during the hottest hours. Prefer the morning “in the cool” or the evening when the sun goes down. Rather short outings, for the needs, in the shade, preferably in the grass, the heated bitumen being able to burn the bearings, and without requesting it too much to play. Also plan something to give him to drink.

For cats

If your cat is used to going out, make sure he can go inside to get “cool”, sheltered, or at least in the shade.

Some felines are more sensitive than others to the sun. As explained by Vincent Debitus, assistant veterinarian at West France : “White cats or those of light colors, in particular on the extremities, the ears or the nose, are particularly at risk. Their leather fears UV rays, they can be subject to sunburn. The ideal is therefore that they stay indoors during the day, during the heat peaks. Specific sun creams exist. But do not use one that is not dedicated to cats!

To help them hydrate, he also advises giving them “pâtés or moist freshness sachets, composed of 90% water”.

For everyone

Make sure they can rest in the shade and that they always have water within reach, in sufficient quantity and regularly renewed. Do not hesitate to multiply the water points in your home.

A heatstroke can be fatal to our pets. Also, if your dog or cat is panting hard, lying on its side, listless, consult your veterinarian quickly. If in doubt, do not hesitate to call.

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