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What small gestures to help my dog ​​withstand the heat wave period?

– Bathing your dog or spraying cool water on his head helps to lower his temperature. The bath is also necessary when a dog has taken a heat stroke.

– Choose the coolest times of the day to walk it.

– Allow the dog to stay cool, in a house with closed shutters for example.

– Make fresh water available all day. It is important to change it regularly. But be careful: water that is too cold or too much can also be dangerous!

– There are special toys that can be filled with fresh water. Dogs keep a low temperature while having fun !

“The hair is an insulator against the cold and against the heat. Cut flush, it cannot protect the animals, which then risk heat stroke or sunstroke.

Would special grooming allow my dog ​​to be less hot?

“The hair is an insulator against the cold and against the heat”, explains Marine Cottet. In winter as in summer, it is important that the dog’s hair is not too long or too tangled. It is a happy medium that must be found so that the hair fulfills its functions well. Cut flush, they cannot protect the animals, which then risk heatstroke or sunstroke. This phenomenon is also observed in cats, particularly those with a white coat. There are sunscreens designed with this in mind to protect animals!

My dog ​​is panting, should I be worried?

Nope ! In men, the mechanism for regulating body temperature is through sweating. Dogs can only take advantage of this ability at the pads. Panting is the other way they have to cool his body, through contact with fresh air. Soft stools can also be a minor consequence of the heat: it is the simple sign that the dog is eating less because of the heat.

Which breeds are the most heat sensitive?

Flat-nosed breeds. Dogs of this type are particularly prone to suffer from breathing problems because of their physiognomy. Panting is more difficult for them, although it is still necessary to cool their body temperature. Some dogs also come from cooler regions and are therefore less used to heat waves: long-haired dogs and shibas are particularly more sensitive!

The breeds most sensitive to heat? Flat-nosed breeds.

What are the other vulnerability factors in heat waves?

As with humans, older or very young dogs are particularly vulnerable to heat. They don’t always understand that they are too exposed to the sun or need to hydrate. Give them special attention!

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