her heart skips a beat

A woman goes out in the middle of the night and sees two black eyes in the bushes

A meeting that made it possible to bring an animal to safety and offer it a good dose of love.

As Jen Edmondson was leaving her house one night in Texas, she spotted something sticking out of the bushes under her mailbox. Jen then decides to slowly move closer and realizes that the eyes are those of a big white dog who needs help.

She then takes her phone to make a video of the doggie in order to share it on her Facebook page in an attempt to find the doggie’s humans.

A dog that needs help

In the meantime, Jen returns home to find something to drink and eat for the dog. According to the first responses received on Facebook, she realizes that many people have already met the dog in the city.

Quickly, the doggie is soft and affectionate. Jen spends long minutes caressing him and decides to name him Gibbous. Unfortunately, the pooch doesn’t seem to have a family. Jen then decides to take him in as a foster family because she already has an old dog and doesn’t know if cohabitation will be possible.

At the moment, Jen does not know if she will adopt Gibbous or not. But one thing is certain, she had a real crush on this adorable dog with a golden character.

>> In the middle of the night, she is awakened by the creaking of the door: she comes downstairs and cannot believe her eyes!

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