Her neighbour’s dog barks day and night: she takes revenge, the sequel is terrible!

We have all had an unpleasant experience with our neighbors. For some, the problem has escalated to the point of coming to blows. However, there are other ways to settle disputes without using force. This is what a mother who answers to the name of Saphire Jess has proven.

Imagine that your neighbor has a dog. Until then, nothing more banal, you would say. Except that the situation begins to get complicated if he lets his animal bark day and night without intervening. In this woman’s case, her children couldn’t even sleep. To get revenge on her neighbor, she found a funny way to get her message across. And this, without hurting anyone.

Enough is enough

From 5 p.m. to 3 a.m., Saphire Jess’ family had to listen to the neighbor’s dog. It didn’t happen once or twice, but ” every day “. The mother of the family very quickly found herself at the end of her tether. The barking of the dog kept them awake when her children had to go to school the next day.


The sleepless nights had begun to affect the schooling of his children. She therefore tried to discuss with the neighbor to solve the problem. A move that did not bear fruit. His neighbor just replied that the dog was “old” and that he couldn’t do anything about it. The mother tried to contact the police, but nothing changed. His family continued to live hell for six months.

Saphire Jess was fed up, it was time to take the situation in hand. So she took some speakers and set them up near the neighbors. She chose a specific song which she dedicated to her dear neighbor. For six long hours, the mother of the family released the song “Who let the dogs out”. A famous track from Baha Men that was all the rage in the early 2000s.

On top of that, Saphire asked her other neighbors to tell her their favorite songs. So if the dog starts barking again, she’ll add them to the playlist. A beautiful and fun revenge that paid off!

The result is satisfying!

Saphire Jess tells in his TikTok videos that was the last time the dog had kept them from sleeping. The neighbor seems to have understood the message. According to another video, it had been five months since she had heard the dog barking for more than 10 minutes.

Social network users expressed their opinions on the situation. The majority fully supported the mom’s actions. Some, in turn, recounted their experience with their neighbor.

“My neighbor’s dog used to bark non-stop all day and night. I started shouting over the fence to shut him up. It was surprisingly effective, ”commented a user.

Saphire’s revenge reminds us of the story ofa man who divided opinion of Reddit users.

He changes the name of his Wi-Fi

It front of continual barking of his neighbor’s dog, he changes the name of his Wi-Fi. It was on Reddit that he told his plan. To give a hint to his neighbor, he named his wifi by the phrase “Shut your f***ing dog up” (shut up your fucking dog).

Along with asking the owner to silence the dog, he added a login section. He titled it “Or I will call the cops” (or call the police). One who lives in shared accommodation claimed that his plan had worked.

Users of the community website did not have the same view of this man’s action. Some laughed of his idea as being ” off the beaten track “. Part of the community had criticized his behavior. For them he was “abusive” and “threatening”.

According to the comments, the man in question could have just talk to your neighbor. Some would prefer to be contacted in this kind of problem. Other users doubted that the neighbor saw the message about the Wi-Fi name. It’s not normal to check available connections before connecting to yours.

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