Hérault: around thirty students from the Bonne-Terre agricultural high school in Pézenas probably victims of food poisoning

This Friday, May 13, the students suffered from stomach aches and diarrhea. A veterinary service investigation is underway. Samples of the meals offered over three days by the service provider Elior were taken. Analyzes are in progress.

“It’s a suspicion of food poisoning, we’re looking for what’s going on,” said Christophe Lavit, director of the Bonne-Terre agricultural high school in Pézenas. This Friday, May 13, in fact, about thirty students “complained of stomach aches and diarrhea, from 4 a.m. the vast majority came to class but the stomach aches continued…”

The patients come from various classes but all had lunch in the canteen, whose meals are managed by the service provider Elior who cooks on site. “We alerted the Population Protection Department, the ARS (Regional Health Agency) and we warned the families.” Some children were able to return home. “We asked the parents to take them to a doctor.” But no seriousness had been reported this Saturday on the part of the families concerned.

Samples taken for investigation

Friday, late afternoon, as part of the investigation, the veterinary services took samples of meals over three days. “We are awaiting the results of the analyzes”, underlines Christophe Lavit who remains in contact with the ARS. The regional health organization also evoked the hypothesis of an epidemic of gastroenteritis within the establishment. A track, however, deemed less plausible by the director.

This Saturday, canteen and sanitary facilities are fully disinfected. “There will be normal reintegration into high school on Monday. And the canteen will be provided,” says Christophe Lavit, who has put in place all the necessary procedures.

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