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Hérault: without a leash or muzzle, a pit bull kills a small dog and bites its owner on the arm

The drama took place Thursday, September 8, in the Rhonel, near the Genie bridge in Clermont-l’Hérault. An investigation is underway.

Sensible soul to withhold ! Thursday, September 8 in the Rhonel, near the Genie bridge, a pit bull, without a muzzle, who was walking with its owner, attacked Jocelyne Lambiotte, a Clermontaise, to savagely seize her 8-year-old shih tzu, named Loulou, whom she held in her arms.

There followed a real horror scene with an unbearable relentlessness of the pit bull on its prey. According to witnesses, his mistress failed to contain him, nor did a neighbor who came to the rescue, who however took care to film the attack. A video that Jocelyne Lambiotte gave to the authorities to support her complaint filed with the local gendarmerie brigade which is leading the investigation.

An unbearable video

“We were very touched at the town hall by what happened that day. Especially since the video is appalling. We see the little dog being kicked at and literally being eaten. It’s hard to believe. supporter”, said Jean-Marie Sabatier, the first deputy, security delegate.

The veterinarian’s report, produced on September 9, is damning concerning the remains of the little shih tzu who presented “numerous lesions on the thorax and abdomen, fractures and dislocations of vertebrae as well as an abdominal hernia with muscle perforation and skin”. And also to note “a probable fracture of the pelvis”.

A day of ITT for the victim

As for Jocelyne Lambiotte, injured in the arm by the bites of the attacking dog, she was assigned a day of ITT by the doctor of the Clermont-l’Hérault Medical Guard House. Traumatized, she still struggles to contain her tears when she talks about the tragedy: “Why can such a dangerous dog walk freely and attack me and kill my dog? We are no longer safe in the Rhonel” .

Imagine if it was a baby or a child

And to clarify: “This is not the first time that dangerous dogs have been walking freely. The last time, it was a cat from the association Les chats du Clermontais who had been attacked. This is my Loulou. Imagine if it was a baby or a child.”

“The law must be respected, dangerous dogs without a muzzle or leash must not be free in the Rhonel, while many children ride there on bicycles or scooters. Loulou was killed. Nothing will be able to do so. bring back. But let’s save those who can still be saved by upholding the law.”

No history

A pious wish that will inevitably go through a collective awareness of the owners of dogs categorized as dangerous but also through an increase in the controls carried out by the municipal police to enforce the wearing of muzzles and the use of leashes.

For its part, the pit bull incriminated in this case, which is neither wandering nor trained for the fight and which has especially no antecedent, was presented to a veterinarian who must proceed to its categorization. For three weeks, he will be monitored before being subjected to a behavioral analysis. The prosecution will make its decision on the legal consequences at the end.

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