here are all the tips to reduce your budget and save!

Food shopping: opt for anti-waste offers

The French have to be smart if they want to find the best deals at the right time. To save money, it is interesting to target products that have a near expiry date. Indeed, to avoid waste, the brands offer very attractive prices, generally ranging from minus 30% to minus 50%. If you have a freezer, target meat and fish. This allows you to continue buying them, without having to pay the full price. Once at home, put them in the freezer if you do not plan to eat them directly.

Food shopping: To fight against waste, there is also a well-known application called Too Good To Go. The latter offers you to buy, in exchange for a valuable promotion that is generally very interesting, certain products. In the restaurants that offer it, you have a meal for a ridiculously low price. In the signs, it is a packed lunch. You can’t choose what’s in your cart, though.

Too Good To Go isn’t the only money-saving app. We can also mention Phenix and optimiam. Even better, the HopHopFood application allows you to have products… totally free. Be careful, demand is high so you have to be the first on the application to be served.

Feel free to compare prices

Want to save money? So maybe you need to change some habits, like the signs where you shop. Indeed, sites exist and compare brands to highlight the cheapest. In a few clicks, you can find out which store to go to for a cheaper shopping basket.

Do not hesitate to look for promotions and bargains. To attract consumers, many brands are offering attractive prices, temporarily. It’s up to you to look for them to make significant savings.

A very simple trick also allows you not to spend too much money: prepare a list according to the menus. The Jow application prepares a shopping list for you based on the different menus you have chosen. You know what you are going to eat during the week, and you only buy the bare minimum. This makes it possible to avoid buying certain products which are likely to expire because you ultimately do not want to consume them, or because you have not bought what is needed with them to make a meal.

Food shopping: the French face inflation

Believe it or not, but France is one of the countries least affected by inflation. In the United States, it is three times higher. However, the rise remains spectacular, with more than 5% in May, and a curve that looks similar in June. Unfortunately, it’s not going to stop there as economists predict the peak will be reached in 2023.. Between now and the end of the year, the curve will continue to rise. The purchasing power of the French is directly affected. A recent study, carried out before May, reveals that the French need an additional 490 euros per month to live decently.

Inflation does not discriminate between rich and poor. Everyone is affected. But this inflation has more impact for the latter than for the former, who are able to do better thanks to their higher salary. Typically, two out of three families have prepared to lose purchasing power in the coming months, even more so than today. The most affected by this inflation are single-parent families. 78% of them say they have seen their lifestyle melt away in recent weeks. An observation also made by three out of four workers, while it is the young workers, those between 25 and 34 years old, who are the most upset. And some combine these three profiles.

Food shopping: The French are counting on state actions to fight against this inflation. The activity bonus will notably increase by 4%, as will retirement pensions. On the APL side, a 3.5% increase was announced by the government.

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