Here are the 5 foods you should never keep in a plastic box

Plastic boxes are practical. Yes, but here you go, you should not abuse this container to keep your food cool. Indeed, the latter promote the proliferation of bacteria and mold in particular. They will also alter the flavors of food. Here are the ones that we will be careful not to slip into a plastic box.

Raw vegetables

A little leftover salad? The first instinct is to slip everything into an airtight plastic box from an illustrious brand that was a hit in the 1980s and that we inherited from our parents. This is a serious error: indeed raw vegetables will lose their freshness more quickly but also their nutrients. The ideal is a small glass bowl that can be covered with plastic wrap.

The fruits

Same story for fruit. The cold is never recommended for their conservation, it will make them bland. It is best to favor a basket at room temperature. And for the fruit salad, to prevent it from turning into an unappetizing soup, we will choose a glass container.


It may be tempting to store a camembert in a plastic container to prevent it from flavoring the rest of the refrigerator. But the box will accelerate its aging and make it drier. Well packed in a dedicated drawer, there is the solution.

raw meat

Once purchased from the butcher, the meat is kept in its original paper in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Storing it in a plastic box will accelerate its aging according to the butchers. Worse, we risk forgetting that raw meat can only be kept for a few days in the refrigerator.


Contrary to popular belief, raw eggs cannot be kept refrigerated. However, once cooked, avoid storing them in a plastic container. This is the best way to let potentially dangerous bacteria grow there.

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