Here are the 9 dog breeds considered the most beautiful, do you agree?

If all dogs are cute, including pedigree dogs and mongrels, no one escapes their tenderness. In any case, there are some who have physical characteristics that make them look like furry cherubs. It’s no surprise that several of the breeds on this list have become some of the most famous and shared on social media.

9 dog breeds considered the most beautiful

Little balls of fur that walk, that’s one way to describe this charming breed. The best thing is to see how their fur moves in the wind as they run on their short little legs.

It is a breed whose coat can be of different colors, and has even been used to interbreed with larger dogs to create other versions, such as the Pomsky. This is a very affectionate breed, ideal companion.

This dog is one of those who can withstand the cold of winter. With their thick fur, it is difficult for them to feel the cold anywhere. It is this very characteristic that makes them look like beautiful wadding or clouds.

But the coat also makes them high-maintenance animals, which need to be brushed regularly, as they shed a lot of hair. However, they don’t just look sweet, they are too.

These are dogs that have fascinated with their resemblance to wolves, and the incredible and intense color of their eyes, many of which are of a different color. It is a noble, protective and “talkative” animal, which will always seek your company and your affection.


Sometimes they look more like a stuffed animal than a living being. This breed, due to its fur and face, resembles a bear. They also have another striking feature: their tongue is bluish-black. They are shy dogs, very intelligent, but not the most patient with children.

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Small, calm and endowed with a very particular face, pugs are very cuddly and affectionate animals. They are ideal for apartment dwellers, due to their size and need for exercise.

But it is a breed that has many respiratory problems due to the shape of the head and muzzle. These get worse with age, so you need to be very careful about them.

This breed is also small and friendly, and grew up as the companion dogs of Chinese nobility. Their long silky coat made them recognized as small lions in ancient Asia.


It is a dog that has revolutionized social networks during the worst months of the pandemic. These elegant animals have been a reference in terms of fashion.

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Known as “frenzies” on social media, these pets have a lot of energy and personality. Their bat ears make them very eye-catching and cute.

But besides being cute, they are active dogs that will demand a lot of attention from you and will even compete with other family members or other pets for your time.

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This breed of Japanese dog is suspicious, but very affectionate. They are more relaxed with those who belong to their close circle. They can show a lot of personality, but they are particularly tender dogs.

Several of them have become viral internet memes or gurus, like Tofu Chan, for their special personality and friendliness.

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