Here is the diet that you absolutely must follow during pregnancy!

During pregnancy, it is ideal to make a big change in your diet. SLIM-Data is the most effective method!

When you are pregnant, it is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Basically, it’s to give your developing baby the vital nutrients he needs to grow strong.

Most doctors encourage women to gain some weight during pregnancy. But have you ever heard of the SLIM-Data method? Find us without further delay in the following lines for more details. To your readings!

Pregnancy: a balanced diet is required!

Motherhood is the time when you need to take your health seriously. But above all, think carefully about what you should eat during pregnancy. A healthy diet is therefore essential so that your baby is well nourished from conception. Indeed, it is essential to start reviewing your eating habits as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

Also, you may tend to seek advice from your mother or rely on your past pregnancy habits. What you may not realize is that every pregnancy is different. Age or environment can be a contributing factor to physical or hormonal changes. And which can affect pregnancy, so the body’s response could be different! This is where a new eating routine needs to come in!

A balanced diet is ideal for everyone. However, it is important to make dietary adjustments according to your specific needs. Knowing which foods are safe to eat during pregnancy will help you deal with the various symptoms. Such as nausea, vomiting, edema, constipation and heartburn, leg cramps and headaches, etc.

Whether you like it or not, there are conditions that only a specialist can understand and help you overcome. There are also prenatal diet questions that only a certified nutritionist can accurately answer. We give you more information on the diet to follow in the following paragraphs!

Slim Data Method

The Slim-Data method was developed by neurobiology doctor Yann Rougier. Moreover, it is based on the very simple principle that each power supply has a Slim-Data. In other words, a slimming index, to determine its storage strength in the body. Depending on this index, we can combine foods to avoid those whose storage strength is too high. The foods are classified into three color zones!

Food green area. For information, these are foods with low preservative power. In addition, they are therefore consumable at will. It includes vegetables, cereals, green salad, soy tof and shrimp. There is also debris yogurt, skimmed milk, red meat, natural canned tuna or even white fish. Indeed, you have a very wide choice!

In addition, there is also the power supply orange area. These are foods that have an average preservative strength, and should be eaten in moderation. It includes, among other things, cereals and certain fruits. To name a few, there are avocados, pineapples, raw apples, pistachios or lentils. But also chickpeas, brown rice, breaded fish or flageolet!

And finally, the food Red zone. These are foods that have a high storage capacity. Basically, they are therefore to be avoided or at least to be avoided. There are sweet and high-calorie foods such as crisps or other pizzas, and sweet foods. Or Nutella, croque-monsieur, raw ham and scrambled egg!

Diet: what diet should you adopt during pregnancy?

there is no single diet for expectant mothers. Some have no problems with the food they eat. While others may start having problems. Certain types of food can make their symptoms worse, while others make them less.

This is one of the reasons why you can seek help from a prenatal nutritionist. Indeed, he will give you sound advice on dietary restrictions. These diet restrictions during pregnancy are based on several factors. Like for example lifestyle, physical changes and hormonal changes.

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