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Here’s how to clean the cat litter box to avoid bad odors and other uses for it

Everyone knows that with the arrival of summer and heat, it is more common for bad smells to proliferate in the refrigerator or in the garbage cans and those who live with animals, especially a cat, will have noticed that the litter box smells worse than usual. It is therefore important to know how to clean it properly and what is the best litter for this time of year.

Here’s how to clean cat litter to avoid bad odors

Urine and feces both have a very unpleasant and pungent smell. Cleaning the litter where our kitties relieve themselves will therefore be much more important in hot weather. While at other times of the year if you only have one cat it is recommended to scoop the litter box once a day, in the warmer months it is best to do this several times a day. day.

Sanicat recommends using a clumping litter to make cleaning the litter easier. “The main advantage of these litters is that the mineral forms a ball when it comes into contact with the liquid, thus trapping moisture and bad odors”, explains Ignacio Duch, R&D manager at Sanicat.

Other uses for cat litter

In addition, cat litter is a product that, although few people use it for anything other than their pet’s box, has other excellent qualities that no one would suspect. For example, it is a magic solution to put an end to the bad smells of waste during the summer.

“If you line the bottom of your bin with a 2-3 cm layer of litter, it will absorb the bad odors and the liquid that organic matter sometimes gives off”, explains Sanicat.

Thanks to its absorbency, cat litter can also remove moisture. To do this, Sanicat recommends putting it in a small bag in the cupboards or even in other spaces such as the basement, which will help reduce it.

As with garbage odors, cat litter can also eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. To do this, “you must place a litter cup inside”, recommend the brand.

Finally, and although it may seem surprising, cat litter can also be used to clean up spills of oil, grease, paint and other hard-to-clean liquids, thanks to its strong absorbency.

“This is done by covering the spilled liquid with a large amount of litter, leaving it for a few hours to absorb, then scrubbing and removing it the next day”conclude the Sanicat experts.

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